About the Tutorial

There’s a quick to grasp and very, very easy to learn tutorial which practically walks you through the simple mechanics of the game and lets you test out the most basic of activities you’ll be spending time in as you play the game. You will know that the tutorial is through and you are on your own when the game gives you 50 free spins on the wheel to help you start on your pirate career. As activities you’ll be involved in basically revolves around obtaining gold, upgrading your island, attacking other islands, and stealing from other pirates, you will most definitely get the hang of things within just a few minutes of playing. While there’s a bit of luck involved in spinning the lucky wheel and being a target of attacks, there are some basic strategies you can put to play as well. So if you want to do more pillaging and become less of an occasional victim, our Pirate King beginner’s guide can help you establish better safeguards and tactics to dominate the land of pirates.

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