Always Spin The Wheel Hourly

When it comes to Pirate King, you also want to make sure you are maximizing your opportunities to earn gold, which means you need to spin the wheel the maximum amount of times each hour. There is also a daily bonus mini game available, so you want to play that everyday to make sure you are earning the maximum rewards possible. One of the main goals of this game is to earn as much gold as you can as quick as you can, which can help you upgrade your Ship. Your ship is your main item, so you want to have it upgraded to the highest you can, and this will help you during battles and raiding your friends.

When you spin the wheel, there are also options to attack and steal, so you will have other ways to earn your gold besides the hourly spins. There are so many items within this game that you might lose track of what you should be focusing on or upgrading, but when it comes down to it, you need to focus your attention on making your ship as strong as you can.

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