Battle your pirate friends, conquer beautiful and exotic islands, and be the ultimate Pirate King! You are a mighty pirate (with your sidekick, Inky) on a quest for gold, artifacts and revenge in this competitive quest in for the seas. Win mountains of gold, battle against the empires of your Facebook friends, and build custom-themed … Read more

Always Spin The Wheel Hourly

When it comes to Pirate King, you also want to make sure you are maximizing your opportunities to earn gold, which means you need to spin the wheel the maximum amount of times each hour. There is also a daily bonus mini game available, so you want to play that everyday to make sure you … Read more

Join FB Groups

A great way to find friends and play with others is by joining Facebook groups. They will help you to become better and have more fun. Also, you can send and receive daily gifts to get free spins and coins. You might check out our FB group!

Connect to Facebook

One of the biggest tips to being successful at Pirate Kings is to connect to Facebook, because unlike some games, Pirate Kings wants you to basically play in multiplayer mode. If you don’t connect to Facebook or you don’t have over 20 friends, you will find yourself playing with the same people over and over, … Read more

Unlock as many islands as possible

When playing pirate kings game, you’ll progress at a pretty easy rate, unlocking islands as you go along, but this might not be happening as quickly as you would like, the faster you unlock and dominate the islands, the quicker you are declare the pirate king. You might notice some rare islands are only available … Read more

Spin the wheel as often as possible

When playing Pirate Kings, you need to ensure that you are maximizing the potential opportunities to make as much gold as you can do, and the best way of lazily doing this is by spinning the wheel as many times as the game will allow you to do so every hour. Spin the fantastic wheel … Read more

You need luck

90% of the game progress depends on the luck, but few things are in your hands such as investment in old Islands, inviting friends(they can help you by sending defensive shield), ad rewards, sponsor rewards, quests, events, and more. Play the game with multiple FB accounts; make one primary and other for defending purpose; spin … Read more

Participate in Events

In Pirate Kings game, one of the best ways to earn rewards such as defensive shield, coins, and spins is participating in events. All you need to do is play the game; spin the wheel; attack Islands or steal the gold. Based on your performance, you will be rewarded. You will see the event icon … Read more

Daily Freebies

You could get a huge amount of coins or spins by opening the daily chest. Play the game daily and claim your daily bonus. Tap on the menu “daily bonus”  open the chest for free.

Fix the items

Other players can destroy items you have added to your Island. If destroyed, your duty is to fix them immediately. Otherwise, that item will disappear if the enemy targets it again. And you will have to pay a high amount of gold. So, it would be better to fix them as soon as possible.