Join FB Groups

A great way to find friends and play with others is by joining Facebook groups. They will help you to become better and have more fun. Also, you can send and receive daily gifts to get free spins and coins. You might check out our FB group!

Spin the wheel as often as possible

When playing Pirate Kings, you need to ensure that you are maximizing the potential opportunities to make as much gold as you can do, and the best way of lazily doing this is by spinning the wheel as many times as the game will allow you to do so every hour. Spin the fantastic wheel … Read more

You need luck

90% of the game progress depends on the luck, but few things are in your hands such as investment in old Islands, inviting friends(they can help you by sending defensive shield), ad rewards, sponsor rewards, quests, events, and more. Play the game with multiple FB accounts; make one primary and other for defending purpose; spin … Read more

How to Unlock Islands

To unlock a new Island or move to new Island in Pirate Kings game, you have to buy all the items for your current Island. Just complete these upgrades or buy all the items with your coins and unlock new Islands. When you move to new Island, your old Islands will mine gold for you; … Read more

The Island Guide

Your main objective is to unlock all the Islands featured in Pirate Kings game. And you have to defend them too. Other players will attack these Islands for coins, if the shield is active(you get defensive shield by spinning the wheel), you don’t need to worry. If not, then they can destroy your ship or … Read more

Earning Gold

Gold is the main in-game item, used in purchasing items from Island shop. There are many ways to get free gold in Pirate Kings game: –  Watch the video ad(you will get this offer time to time), by spinning the wheel or claim the daily bonus. Connect to Facebook account and invite your friends to … Read more

Spinning the Wheel

You can earn these items by spinning the wheel: A little number of gold coins A huge amount of gold coins Attack turn -> You will be able to attack other players’ Island and you can earn gold(you will get more if the shield is not activated on that Island) Free Spins Steal chance -> … Read more

About the Spins

Spins are limited in Pirate Kings game. You get 5 spins per hour and cost of spinning the wheel is 1 spin point. So, you can not spin the wheel unlimited numbers of time.