Connect to Facebook

One of the biggest tips to being successful at Pirate Kings is to connect to Facebook, because unlike some games, Pirate Kings wants you to basically play in multiplayer mode. If you don’t connect to Facebook or you don’t have over 20 friends, you will find yourself playing with the same people over and over, … Read more


In Pirate Kings game, your another objective is to complete the collection of Pirates. Almost 30 pirates are featured in the game; you need to open the chest for pirates; pirates are of three types; common, rare, and legendary. You may get duplicate pirate; so, it depends on your luck! Tap on the menu “my … Read more

Don’t Forget To Claim Your Daily Bonus

Yet another additional set of freebies you can get from Pirate Kings is the Daily Bonus which is a shot at the slot machine, and a treasure chest which you can open once every 5 spins at the slot machine. You will notice that this is highlighted on the list of items in the menu … Read more

Add Some Friends To Earn Gifts

As playing pirates with all the cannons and looting just isn’t fun all on your own, be sure to invite some friends to the game and send your codes to one another to better enjoy Pirate Kings as well as reap additional rewards. One of the best rewards here is when you get a shield … Read more

Check And Attempt To Achieve Pirate Quests

Just below the menu icon is the Pirate Quests Icon which you can tap on to see the list of things you can accomplish in the game to earn some extra rewards. Keep in mind that these tasks are often achieved simply by regularly playing the game. With luck involved though with every spin of … Read more

Watch Ads And Check Offers For Additional Rewards

While a lot of free-to-play mobile games do contain video ads that pop up as you play, some are a lot less intrusive and give you full freedom as to when and if you would want to watch some video ads, for some rewards of course. You may see some treasure chest icons on the … Read more

Pay Attention To Details On Steal Attempts

Attacks and steals are actually two of the best choices you can land on when spinning the lucky wheel with steal being the better one as you have a bigger chance of earning way more than the maximum 300,000 gold coin reward you can earn from a successful attack. Steals will involve the current Cash … Read more

You Can Choose Targets On An Attack

Whenever you spin the lucky wheel and it lands on an attack, you will be taken to a random island with several targets to choose from. For one though, it won’t make any difference if the player’s island is shielded and you will earn 100,000 gold coins but a successful salvo will earn you 300,000 … Read more

Fully Upgrade An Island To Open Up A New One

If you’re wondering about why you would want to move on to the next island, then you should know that once you fully upgraded and transferred to the next island you can start earning from each of those islands. It may take a while for you to be able to get past the first one, … Read more

Strategize Your Spins

The maximum number of spins you can store is technically at 50 and you miss out on earning additional ones if you keep it at full. Typically, you would want to empty your chances away before logging out of the game and earn as much gold as you can before even checking what you have … Read more