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In Pirate Kings, you’ll step into a world where there are only pirates, each with his own ultimate goal of owning and developing his or her own set of islands, packed with ships and all the flashy necessities, amassing riches, and becoming the one and only crowned Cash King. As you earn gold with every spin of the wheel, you can buy some improvements for your island and fully developing one will open up a new one for you to work on. You better be careful though, as the more gold you earn the more attention you attract from the treacherous world around you. Keeping a lot of gold on your island and leaving it alone for a while may invite some other pirates to plunder it if it’s unprotected. Feel free from your sense of guilt or remorse as it’s every pirate for himself; so take vengeance on those who dared to aim their cannons on your island and give them a taste of their own medicine.

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