Pay Attention To Details On Steal Attempts

Attacks and steals are actually two of the best choices you can land on when spinning the lucky wheel with steal being the better one as you have a bigger chance of earning way more than the maximum 300,000 gold coin reward you can earn from a successful attack. Steals will involve the current Cash King, or the player with the most kept or unused gold coins just sitting around on their island waiting to be plundered. You will be given three choices and you will have to guess which one of the three islands belongs to the current Cash King. With your 33 percent chance of nailing it on your first go, you can still make the wrong choice but there’s no need to feel bad about it. Instead before you cast out your choice take note of some details on each island especially the one that belongs to the Cash King once the names are revealed.

You can still have chances of landing a steal on your succeeding spins and it’s very possible as well to try and guess the Cash King’s island form 3 random choices once again. This time though, if you already know what his or her island looks like then it’s practically a jackpot.

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