Spin the wheel as often as possible

When playing Pirate Kings, you need to ensure that you are maximizing the potential opportunities to make as much gold as you can do, and the best way of lazily doing this is by spinning the wheel as many times as the game will allow you to do so every hour.

Spin the fantastic wheel to make extra moves and your hard earned money. The wheel is quite nonaddictive, but unfortunately at all times that simple to gain big about the wheel. The addictive wheel-spinning keeps you coming-back for more assured of creating a great deal of free spins and money to be able to construct your pirate island.

When spinning the wheel, you’ll also notice that there are attack options and stealing options, so as you can tell, there are still other ways to make gold besides your hourly wheel spins. Since there are so many different items and structures, it’s easy to lose track of exactly what you ought to be doing, but ultimately it all comes down to the development of your ship and making it as strong as possible.

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