Unlock as many islands as possible

When playing pirate kings game, you’ll progress at a pretty easy rate, unlocking islands as you go along, but this might not be happening as quickly as you would like, the faster you unlock and dominate the islands, the quicker you are declare the pirate king.

You might notice some rare islands are only available on particular islands whilst not on others, so always make sure you are continuously exploring so you are able to collect as many different items as possible without missing out. the more battles you find yourself in means the more chances you have to earn gold and other special items.

don’t forget that the majority of items within the game all have varying skills and effects, so try to collect as many as you possibly can so that your skillset end up being a wide range. All of this will help contribute towards the ultimate domination of the game.

Into an amazing 3D earth in which you’ll be able to develop your personal avatars and pirate flags, you enter with Pirate Kings. The best thing about Pirate Kings is the fact that it’s in real time.

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