Watch Ads And Check Offers For Additional Rewards

While a lot of free-to-play mobile games do contain video ads that pop up as you play, some are a lot less intrusive and give you full freedom as to when and if you would want to watch some video ads, for some rewards of course. You may see some treasure chest icons on the lower left side of your screen which means that you can earn some gold coins and other rewards if you watch some 15 to 25-second video ads. As this doesn’t come limitless and potentially appears about three times per day only, you may want to take some time off the action and watch play some ads for the additional earnings.

If you want to get ahead even faster, Pirate King’s Reward System which offers very handsome rewards for achieving certain milestones on some advertised apps. By clicking the menu button on the upper left of the screen and then tapping the joypad and retry refill bottle icon on the lower left, you can see a list of offers you can take to earn up to hundreds or spin attempts. Well, some are tedious indeed but those kinds of rewards may take much longer time to acquire in-game, so depending on how dedicated you are to progressing faster in Pirate Kings, you can try and do some of those offers.

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