You Can Choose Targets On An Attack

Whenever you spin the lucky wheel and it lands on an attack, you will be taken to a random island with several targets to choose from. For one though, it won’t make any difference if the player’s island is shielded and you will earn 100,000 gold coins but a successful salvo will earn you 300,000 instead. Initially, you might think that you should just leave it all to luck but then, there are instances when you can actually choose to attack a player who previously attacked you or even one of your Mateys.

One thing you would want to consider here is if some structures on your target island are smoking. If it does then chances are, it doesn’t have any shields on and targeting any structure will earn you a clean 300,000 reward. If the target island is squeaky clean, then that would be your cue to check on the revenge button and look at the other choices you have to launch an attack against. Sometimes though, if the player who attacked you before has a much higher level, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will always have shields and just to note as well, even if manage to earn 3 shields, it can all go away in just a few hours so don’t ever let higher level players intimidate you with the number of stars attached to their name.

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